Services & Cost


Non-Allied Association (Outside) Events Fee Structure for AzRC Services

The Arizona Rules Committee offers a variety of services to tournaments and events from outside the state. Our experienced Rules Staff is committed to working with Tournament Administrators to ensure a top-notch tournament experience for all participants.


Rules Official in Charge (ROIC) Р$200/day 

*required if any AzRC Rules Officials are on-site*

The ROIC will oversee all Rules of Golf related activities prior-to and during the tournament. The ROIC is responsible for proper preparation of the golf course and correct application of the Rules of Golf during an event. The ROIC will oversee all AzRC Rules Staff on-site. Host event to provide at minimum of one meal, availability to snacks and bottled water during each shift.

*NOTE: Tournament format, notice to players, pace of play policy and course set-up must be approved by ROIC in order to ensure proper application of Rules.


Rules Official – $100/day

A qualified Rules Official will be on-site for up to 8 hours. Regular duties included are tee setting, starting, on-course Rules Officiating, and scoring. Host event to provide at minimum of one meal, availability to snacks and bottled water during each shift.


Course Marking – $500/day


A team of AzRC Rules Officials will ensure the golf course is set-up properly for competition. Includes up to 5 cases of paint, hole-location selection + dotting, hole-by-hole yardages, TimePar calculation.


Radio Rental- $10/day


$10/ radio, per day.





Scoreboard Printing- $30/sheet 

Choose the scoreboard format that best fits your tournament. Scoreboards will be professionally customized and printed to fit your specifications.

Graphic Artist – $100/day

Add a special touch to your event by having a professional take care of the scoreboard. Service is only available in addition to Scoreboard Printing services *Subject to artist availability.

Score Cards – $.50/card

Score cards are customizable with tournament title, dates, yardages, players, logos, etc.

Hole Location Sheets – $20/round + $.20/copy

Professionally prepared hole-location sheets include hole-by-hole green depths, and cup location. Customizable with Tournament title, dates and logos available. Individual round-by-round documents will be assembled and sent to Tournament Administrator or allow the AzRC to handle the printing for you.