About Us

Arizona Golf Association

What started as a small group of golfers who got together to run the annual Amateur Championship has grown to an association of more than 400 clubs and 75,000 members. Today the AGA is a volunteer-based organization directed by amateur golfers passionately dedicated to promoting the game of golf and providing valuable benefits and services to its members.

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Junior Golf Association of Arizona

Founded in 1983, the Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA) introduces Arizona’s youth to the game of golf and helps junior golfers develop golf and life skills through competitive programs and tournaments. In addition to developing programs at schools and assisting Arizona golf courses with their junior programs, the JGAA conducts more than 100 programs and activities, including etiquette clinics, tournaments, and college prep seminars throughout Arizona each year.

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Our mission is to service association, club and invitational events, provide rules education, compile sample operational advisories, checklist and provide Rules support for all levels of competition. 


This is a combined AGA/JGAA services group positioned to ensure the highest quality tournament governance under the Rules of Golf managed by the joint Associations. The primary job is to:
  •  Ensure officials are competent for each assignment through training and on-course experience.
  • Maintain a list of officials and their skill ratings, availability, preferred areas of work that includes all pertinent contact information.
  • Facilitate assignments of officials to events sponsored by the two golf Associations in Arizona and selected other events.
  • Act as a conduit to officials when organizations other than the three golf Associations wish assistance with events.
  • Provide a Tournament Operations Manual and example support documents for use by clubs, event management and by rules officials.


  1. Populate the AzRC website with events for which they desire AzRC member
  2. Choose its Staff member in Charge (SIC).
  3. Choose a Rules Official in Charge (ROIC).
  4. Determine how many AzRC members and volunteers are needed, work times, and roles, and post them to the AzRC
  5. Determine uniform requirements for general members and volunteers at each event
  6. Provide food and beverage service for the time and duration of the work day or compensates appropriately.
  7. Lists any compensation available on the website for any given
  8. Set the course marking date, assign a leader and provide materials
  9. Report member days’ worked on the website form at the completion of each


The founding member Associations that sponsor and conduct most amateur and USGA qualifying golf tournaments: Arizona Golf Association, Arizona Women's Golf Association, Junior Golf Association of Arizona, and general members who work at the direction of the AzRC, an Associations or another group at sanctioned events to prepare the golf course and provide expertise in managing events.