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The Arizona Rules Committee offers a variety of services for Tournaments and Events within Arizona. Our experienced Rules Staff is committed to working with Tournament Administrators to ensure a top-notch experience for all participants.

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Officials, radio rental, printing and more! The AZRC offers countless tournament services.

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After hours or weekends, please leave a message and the rules query will be answered as soon as possible (800-458-8484)

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About AZRC

This is a combined AGA/JGAA services group positioned to ensure the highest quality tournament governance under the Rules of Golf managed by the joint Associations. The primary job is to:

  1. Ensure officials are competent for each assignment through training and on-course experience.
  2. Maintain a list of officials and their skill ratings, availability, preferred areas of work that includes all pertinent contact information.
  3. Facilitate assignments of officials to events sponsored by the three golf Associations in Arizona and selected other events.
  4. Act as a conduit to officials when organizations other than the three golf Associations wish assistance with events.
  5. Provide a Tournament Operations Manual and example support documents for use by clubs, event management and by rules officials.